I have lost faith in finding someone good.

I don't like it when the person I am seeing gets to close.

    It's easy for me to be affectionate with my partner. 
    In your relationship, do you reach out like a octopus, or retreat like a turtle?

    You long for a relationship that just flows with the right amount of passion, attraction, and togetherness, yet also enough room to be your own person, have some space, and maintain your own independence. But can you trust your boy/girlfriend? Why do you feel so clingy some days, and so resistant other days?

    You’re starting to wonder if it’s you or is it them. You even find yourself questioning if it’s even possible to have a genuinely amazing relationship that feels good most of the time!

    Oh, guurrl … I feel you!


    It’s not just you, that’s for sure. The truth is; relationships in 2020 are complex. Is it possible to find lasting, safe, healthy love by swiping left or right on Tinder or a dozen other apps? Are dating sites any better? And trying to navigate your way through social situations is difficult at the best of times, and you end up wondering: ‘What can or am I meant to do?’

    When you do meet someone you likely have done or experienced:

    • Ghosting - disappearing with no explanation, no warning … poof! You or they just vanish.

    • Stashing - even if things are going okay, you/they keep avoiding introducing friends/family, or otherwise integrating each other into your lives beyond the dates you go on.  

    • Cling Wrap - when it feels impossible to be apart; you/they need to be around constantly, or at least need to know what the other person is doing at all times.

    • Stiff Arm -  when you/they can’t open up, let anyone in, keep their heart at arms- length, every effort to get close or intimate is met with resistance, excuses, or is somehow bypassed. 

    Getting On The Right Track

    If any of that sounds like what you’re facing, my Modern Relationship Counselling Service can help.

    Working together, I will help you unpack your own personal connection style, and put this to powerful use, so you can be at your best and cultivate a healthy and successful relationship and life.

    There is a reason you connect the way you do, pull away when you do. There’s logic behind when you get clingy like you do.  It’s not haphazard.  When you understand the WHY behind your behavior, THEN you can learn HOW to make different choices that work better for you.

    Imagine what it would be like in your relationship if the following were true:

    • You know how to communicate specifically and clearly so you didn’t allow yourself to be manipulated.

    • You’re able to avoid freezing when your boundaries are crossed.

    • You boldly stand up for your needs/desires without fear of upsetting others; or sacrificing what you want to make everyone else happy.

    • You are more conscious of who you are as your own person (ME), while also developing a close relationship with someone else (WE).

    • You’ve learned to trust yourself and others, so you feel safe enough to openly give and receive love.

    I’ll help you map it out, so you understand what’s at work. Then, with that clarity, you can change what needs changing, adjust what needs adjustment, and finally begin to shift into healthy, strong relationships like you’ve always wished for.

    Can I Help?

    I can definitely help you.  How do I know?

    For nearly 20 years I have offered counselling to ordinary people, students, models, Doctors, CEOs, actors, social media influencers, married couples, business partners and everyone else in between, who wanted to be in ‘healthy’ relationships, but feared being rejected.

    In sessions I helped them to clarify what an ‘ideal’, healthy and meaningful relationship looks like. They cultivated a healthier perception of relationships, whereby they developed tools and a new mindset to feel psychologically safe to connect to others authentically. 

    I’m an accredited Psychotherapist with well over 10,000 hours of counselling already shared with clients.

    I have worked with nearly a 1000 clients from all ages and backgrounds, within my practices over the years from Harley Street to Stockwell and delivered talks all over London on emotional well-being and win-win relationships. I have supported individuals to have healthier relationships based on respect and equality. 

    Direct And Straight To The Point Support

    I don’t nod my head and just listen. My clients tell me that they work with me because ‘I keep it real’. They want things clear, fluff free and straight to the point, but with heart, humour and sensitivity.

    I believe in clarity and being specific. I support you to understand your connection style, conflict style, and much more so you can let go of unclear language in your relationships.

    Be clear on your wants and needs, understand without a doubt what the other person can offer, and not tell yourself a story about ‘love’ or the person you are dating.

    Doing this will help you to be in and maintain a relationship with someone who is healthy, your equal, committed, shares your values and communicates honestly.

    Talk To Me Before Booking Me

    The therapy relationship is everything. You need to feel safe, at ease, and that the vibe between you and me is right before you commit to our therapy.

    Have a 20-minute assessment with me to see if we are a good fit and to find out exactly what you will get out of relationship counselling with me. 

    What's The Next Step?


    • Boost your confidence.

    • Feel the fear and dear to connect.

    • Improve and strengthen your relationships.

    • Understand ‘Who You Are’ and ‘How You Do’ relationships.

    • Discover strategies to feel psychologically safe in your connections.

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