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There are many ways in which Talk To Me London Style Therapy ™ can help you to look and feel incredible


Let's talk about two things that you can do immediately to change your style and confidence.


Why not have a free 30 minute conversation with me, where you can walk away with two bits of information about your style and confidence that will be really helpful and also give us a chance to talk about your current style and the way you really want to dress.


Want this? Email me here to find out more.


Want to avoid spending hundreds on new clothes?

Want to revamp your style and feel more confident when you pull an outfit together?

Why not have a 'Wardrobe Workout Lite'.

If you are new to Talk to Me London Style Therapy Service and want to dip your toes in the water with my starter pack, this mini Wardrobe Workout  package is the perfect way to get started.  

Starter Pack: Wardrobe Workout Lite

  • One home visit  lasting up to 3. 5 hours

  • Editing a small double wardrobe, one chest of drawers and up to 20 pairs of footwear

  • My personal guidance on each item that will make you look your best

  • Therapeutic support to explore any negative beliefs that you may have about your style


Let’s spend some time editing your wardrobe so you end up with outfits that suit you and make you feel and look amazing. We will also identify those items that look great on you, but which you never wear, and explore what has had the biggest impact on your confidence and how you dress. You will be supported in building a wardrobe that represents your best self.

Total £375.00

Ready to revamp your wardrobe? Get in touch for all the information you need to decide!

Feeling ready to commit to more extensive style therapy? Then select one of these three packages: 



Style Therapy™ Assessment          2 hours

Style Therapy™ Sessions                4 hours 

Style Therapy™  Look Book

Body Shape Analysis         

Bespoke Colour Analysis 

List of clothing cuts

for your body shape 

Final recommendations on

items to purchase



Total  Cost:                                   £655.00


Style Therapy™ Assessment          2 hours

Wardrobe Workout*                    3.5 hours

Body Shape Analysis         

Bespoke Colour Analysis 

Style Therapy™ heart-to-heart

Personal styling of two

outfits with make-up 


Up to five and a half hours of styling, revamping and therapy. 

Total Cost:                                     £775



Style Therapy™ Assessment         1.5 hours

Wardrobe Workout                        3.5 hours

Style Therapy™ Sessions               6 hours

Personal shopping Experience    1.5 -3.5 hrs 

Personal Style Presentation         1 hour

Pre-shop Consultation                   2 hours

Body Shape Analysis

Bespoke Colour Analysis


15.5 hours to 17.5 hours of style therapy, styling and personal shopping.  


Total Cost:                                £1705 -£1925


The Assessment:

This is where I meet you and get to know you. I want to find out more about your personal style and identify what colours, patterns, looks and cuts will fit and flatter you while making you feel amazing!

The assessment is also an opportunity to find out what has had a negative impact on your confidence and style, while helping you identify what you are hoping to gain from working with Talk To Me London Style Therapy service. Together we can devise an action plan to help you move forward so that you can have a wardrobe that you love.

One-to-one confidence-building Style Therapy™ sessions


Here we will look at the core feelings behind your lack of confidence to understand how they show up in the way you dress. By listening to you, I can help you to heal some of your past hurt and create new ways of thinking about yourself so that you can identify the clothing that will help you feel good about yourself.

If you have never worked on your confidence before and this is your first time seeing a therapist, you may need more extensive work to start feeling better about yourself. I would suggest the Obsidian package which includes six confidence-building Style Therapy™ sessions.


Additional sessions are available on request.

Style Therapy™ Lookbook

Let’s talk about your style; how you have evolved into that style, what life changes are happening for you now and why you want the ‘real you’ to be reflected in the way you dress.


Comprising of four one-to-one confidence building style therapy sessions, we will get to the core of why you dress the way that you do. Over the four weeks, you will become clearer on your style and make selections based on what you want your new style to be. By using a variety of sources and mediums, we will identify outfits that feel and look more like the ‘true you’. We will also explore the things that have had the biggest impact on your confidence and the way you dress.  At the end of the fourth session, you will have a bespoke ‘lookbook’ and my personal recommendations on outfits that will not only make you look amazing and feel confident, but they will also reveal the ‘real you’ from the inside out.

Personal style presentation

After the assessment and counselling sessions, I’ll present you will some suggestions of the kind of styles, shapes and colours that best suit you. (If the package you choose includes this option, and please note this is not the 'Style Guide' which is a bespoke service).

Bespoke wardrobe workout 


Once we have done your assessment, it will be time for your bespoke wardrobe workout (if the package you choose includes this option). We’ll go through your existing wardrobe to see what works and what doesn’t, while building a picture of your likes, dislikes, body-type, lifestyle, aspirations and inspirations in order to help you create a versatile wardrobe that you love.


Please note: The wardrobe workout in the Fresh & Wild Package consists of my editing two small double sized wardrobes and up to 20 pairs of footwear.

Additionally, before I visit you in your home to conduct a wardrobe workout, you will be required to do some prep work.

Personal shopping session: a specific outfit for (between) 1-3 events.

Do you have a date, interview, new job or a special event that you want a new outfit for?


Once you’ve had your assessment and wardrobe workout, let me take the stress out of shopping by finding an outfit or three that will make you look and feel amazing.

Bespoke Services

Feel like you need something more? Additional bespoke services are available. Feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

Which Service Do I Choose?

French Pink: for those who want to work on their confidence and figure out their 'unique' style. 

Fresh & Wild: for those who have already worked on their confidence, this package gives you many of the elements of French Pink but with the additional elements of having your wardrobe edited and personal styling.

Obsidian:  this is the ultimate Talk To Me London Style Therapy™ service. Choose this if you have deep-seated confidence issues or if you have never had therapy before. This package gives you all the elements of Fresh & Wild as well as six counselling sessions to understand why you lack self-confidence. It will also equip you with the key strategies you need to feel strong and secure in yourself. Together we will identify new ways of identifying who the ‘real you’ is, so that we can edit your wardrobe to suit her and choose clothes for the new you that is emerging through your sessions.

Got any questions? Get in touch here

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