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Appreciation, love, praise and breakthroughs.

Adrian and Mary, Married, Couples Relationship Psychotherapy.

Mary's Experience.

“Therapy was the only place for a while that I got to talk to Adrian without arguing, as he would say things about our relationship and feelings for me to  Jeraline that I never heard him say before. We started to understand how we were hurting each other. It hasn't been easy, there were times I was so angry, but we are still together and know each other better than before.

Adrian's Experience.


"My goal was simple, I wanted to save my marriage as I love my wife.  Some weeks I didn't want to attend sessions as things were brought up that I/we tried to avoid, so it would cause difficulties during the week. However, once we discussed things it brought us closer together. The therapy helped me to achieve my goal."

Relationship Psychotherapy, Wendy, Influencer. 


“Jeraline, you have given me the tools to help myself. I will forever be in awe of your big heart, your intelligence, your intuition, your compassion. You are such an important example to me of radical, self-love, ‘discipline and discernment' (possibly my favourite take-away from our sessions) and what happens when you find your purpose. Thank you for leading me back to myself. With love.”

The Reconnect Therapy Program, Clive, long-term relationship, Art Director. 


Had I not done my boundaries work with you, I would have reacted differently to being around my parents for five days. I could see my father triggering my siblings, but I protected my  inner child and did not allow myself to get sucked in. It was like I had this beautiful blanket of protection over the child and I ended up have a great time."

One-to-One Boundaries, Values Training & Relationship Psychotherapy, Mark, Actor. 


"I absolutely recommend Jeraline and her style of psychotherapy because it is really effective at getting to the root cause of problems. I was angry at work because I wasn't being listened to . This psychotherapy is extremely effective if you are open and honest as a client.  It is really relieving to talk about things that you have never talked about before.  I learned so much about myself, and that has helped me have better interactions with everyone, everyday.  It is helping my career and my marriage, in a way that I could not have imagined before I started therapy."


Couples Relationship Psychotherapy, Values  Training, Carl & Tanya, Business Partners. 

‘Our friendship has returned and our communication has improved. Both of us feel less stressed, as the sessions allowed us to get things of our chests, so we now feel more relaxed around each other and can focus on the business. We  start each day being in charge of what we think, how we choose to deal with people and situations. We're learning not to react. We had a different view of counselling before we went but it exceeded our expectations."


Sonia, Relationship Psychotherapy,  Boundaries & Values Training, Finance.

​”I went to resolve a number of issues about my fear of not meeting someone. I was supported to be clear, look at my relationship patterns, what a healthy relationship is and how I was relating to others unconsciously.  Jeraline was welcoming, calm, and encouraging. She worked with me to heal my injured self-esteem; feel less anxious, and helped me to remind myself of who I am and my strengths."

Eran and Emilia, Married, Both Experienced Childhood Trauma, Undertook The Reconnect Therapy Program Together.

Emilia's Perspective & Experience:

"My husband and I had stopped communicating and found ourselves in crisis when I discovered he was texting a woman from work with whom he had developed an emotional involvement. 


I found articulating my values quite difficult, but I now refer to them quite often.  I’ve realised that when I feel “off”, if it’s not a boundary issue it’s invariably that I’m not living according to my values.  One of my greatest challenges remains to not worry about what others think and I still find it hard to do but practice makes perfect.  When I’m aligned with my values, I am just a better version of myself.


Boundaries were a revelation!  I often would come away from an encounter with someone and wonder why I felt “off”.  The boundaries training has taught me to always take that feeling seriously and given me the tools to articulate why.  I have a lot of practising to do but it has been very empowering.


The discovery of my inner child was both uplifting and daunting.  Uplifting because it gave a perspective that suddenly explained so much and a bit daunting because it also made me realise how much was going on internally and yet I had been so unaware of it all.  It has been very hard work, and this work continues, but the insight it has provided into not only myself, but my husband too, has been invaluable.  I would describe myself as empathetic anyway, but I can now understand both of us so much better.


Since going through this program I am so much more aware, I understand more, am beginning to have more compassion for myself, am listening to my spirit more, am better equipped to deal with whatever life might throw my way.  My husband and I have found each other again. 


I would try to reassure other couples thinking of doing therapy with Jeraline that they are definitely not alone, not to compare their problems to others – your reality is your own and is perfectly valid.  It is a bit scary, it takes courage and commitment but you already have that in spades if you’ve got to the point of realising you may need help.  It is invaluable to have someone in your life that you can explicitly trust to help you while also holding you to account and helping provide a different perspective while helping you to articulate your experience(s), make sense of them and find ways forward.  


I would recommend working with Jeraline and her style of therapy.  Absolutely! Open, frank, honest, respectful, nothing was off the table, everything was up for discussion.  Complete commitment and accountability from both sides engendered trust which has been foundational to the whole process.  I don’t think therapy can be successful without these characteristics.”

Eran's Perspective & Experience:

"I came to therapy with my beautiful wife after years of not being able to resolve certain issues in our relationship, having personally been through an existential crisis and finally realising that we were never going to be able to solve our issues without external intervention. I’d also inadvertently started becoming emotionally entangled with a friend, not entirely aware of the slippery slope I was on or why I was on it.


Learning about my inner child has helped me to better understand why I behaved in certain ways that I was seemingly unaware of. Being able to understand how to nurture my inner child as a parent and giving it what it needs to flourish has been such an important part of understanding myself both individually and in a relationship context.


The inner child work to start with, seemed rather abstract and was challenging, but over the course of my / our therapy and as I began to understand the various facets of my inner child, I’ve learned what my inner child needs to flourish and thrive and am slowly learning how to apply this daily.


Knowing my values in both a personal and professional context has been a key part again of understanding in certain situations why I may feel uneasy or uncomfortable when something is said, or something happens that impacts me in an emotional way. I’ve learned that my values are the litmus test as to whether something is right or wrong and am better equipped now than I ever was before to be able to challenge and explore situations using my values as a yard stick.


Understanding boundaries was a vital element in my therapy journey as it helped me to better understand why in certain situations, I might feel frustrated or angry. Previously it was difficult or impossible to articulate but with the tools I have acquired, I’m better able to sit with the uncomfortable emotion and figure out what has caused me to feel the way I do.


My relationship with Emilia has begun to flourish, I understand myself so much better than I did but more importantly I understand Emilia in a way I never did before. I’ve learned (and still am learning) to listen to my wife and we can converse in an adult way, something I was never taught growing up. We can discuss and explore the reasons we feel certain ways in certain situations together. We have become a much stronger partnership over the course of our therapy, and I’d say that of all the things we’ve ever done together in our 25 years of being married our therapy both individual and together has been the most significant accomplishment from my perspective. Although we still have work to do on physical intimacy we are better equipped than ever before to overcome those challenges.


I would strongly urge someone who was scared to enter therapy to deal with their sadness or relationship difficulties that they are not alone and that our problems always seem bigger than everyone else’s. That said there are so many people in the world and even in our own smaller circles with bigger issues than our own, but that we also shouldn’t compare our issues to someone else’s because our issues are important, and they are ours to deal with and resolve. I would encourage them to be courageous and brave and tell them that therapy is a safe space to learn and grow both individually and in your relationship.


I would happily recommend Jeraline’s style of therapy. It’s an open and honest style that leaves no stone unturned and as long as individually and relationally you’re committed to it you will learn things about yourself and your partner that you never knew. Having an open and receptive heart and mind are key elements that you need to bring to your therapy to achieve maximum value from the work you’ll need to do."

Nick, General Relationship Psychotherapy,  Boundaries Training, Entrepreneur.

"If I don’t have time in the week to think about myself, I find myself repeating the same old avoidant relationship patterns. The sessions provide me with an opportunity to have a space to uncover what specific issues are affecting my inability to commit to the person I am seeing. Having a listening ear supports me to find the answers within myself to solve my problems. With the new information, and confidence, that I now have, I feel like a better version of myself, and I am being more honest to others."

Helen,  Boundaries Training, Director.

​“I definitely know my worth and love myself more than I have ever done.  I have started to set boundaries and listen to my instincts, as they are always right! I suppressed my feelings in the past, but now I have become more open and true to myself.”

Louis,  Values Training, IT Manager.

​“It was scary how quickly I found myself opening up to Jeraline. I don't normally talk about my feelings and I am good at at putting on a confident front. Because of her questions and her putting me at ease, I was saying things I keep to myself and starting to understand things, put the dots together, and see where and why I may need to change." 

Ian,  The Reconnect Therapy Program™, Retired Banker

​“During the pandemic something felt off and my relationship was being affected. Jeraline was recommended to me. I spoke to a few counsellors including Jeraline and decided to work with her as during the first call she asked me questions and shared observations that made me think about things differently. If you’re not ready to do the work, open up that box and you’re happy living with your distractions and defences like I was a few years ago, this therapy is not for you. It’s challenging, but I’ve changed and like who I am now." 

Elise,  General Relationship Counselling, Quality Controller in Fashion

​“When I came to work with Jeraline I was very sad. She helped me to learn to enjoy taking up space in the world, and not feel guilty about who I am. She was challenging and made me work hard, she didn't allow me to fake it" 

Magda,  General Relationship Counselling, A&R

“When I first met Jeraline eight months ago, I was pleasantly surprised at both how warm and friendly she was. 

Looking back over the weekly sessions I’ve had I am proud at how far I’ve come, and how much I’ve changed – and that change has been made by myself rather than by being told how to change. Jeraline works by suggesting new ways of thinking, or different ways of looking at a situation or subject. I had plenty of issues to discuss when I first came to counselling, and while they are still part of my life, the way I think about them and the power they have over me has, I believe, dramatically changed.

I have found I'm able to focus on the positives rather than the negatives, and to find a balance emotionally. I’ve learnt to live with and accept various aspects of my personality, and with the experiences from my past which were causing me pain. Most importantly, I think I've learned to at least begin to stop blaming and hating myself for those experiences, which I now can see were never my fault.


All in all it has been rewarding, if sometimes tough eight months and I feel that I am ready to face the future with renewed optimism and would happily recommend Jeraline to anyone looking for a wise and sympathetic ear."

Grace and Keith, Married, Couples Relationship Psychotherapy.

Grace's Experience.

”The therapy was hard, as I wanted our therapist to side with me. Jeraline was impartial, and gently encouraged me to see how I had contributed to the imbalance of power in my marriage which created a build up of resentment to Keith. Once I became aware of this, I discovered how to set boundaries, say what was on my mind, whilst respecting my husband boundaries too. Now, we are communicating better, have shared values and know where we want to go in our marriage.

Keith's Experience.


"I was committed to my therapy and took it seriously as I wanted to save my marriage. The sessions were sometimes hard, as I had to face up to things about myself that I didn't want to admit. I took Grace for granted. I am now able to communicate better with my wife, and I discovered that a lot of the behaviours I displayed in my relationship were rooted in my childhood."

Moira and Jen , Romantic & Business Partners, Couples Relationship Psychotherapy.

Moira's Experience.

”We had broken up, but I still had a lot of unresolved feelings to Jen including anger. We decided to go into therapy and figure out if we could get past our issues and get back together. It was good to get things of my chest, but after sessions it was hard and we would just go for a walk, as a lot of things had been brought up. Over the weeks I knew as time went on it was better for us to be friends, focused on the business and not romantically involved, this hurt but therapy gave me space to accept this.

Jen's Experience.


"I was never allowed to speak in this relationship, so it was good to have a safe space to talk and get things of my chest, things I had kept in for years as I had someone impartial, who would guide us when things got heated. Although we were considering getting back together, I wasn’t sure and attended therapy to figure things out. Over the sessions it became clear that we were now to different and what I wanted had changed in a romantic partner. The therapy helped as eventually we knew that we had to let go of the romantic side and I had to work on some issues by myself."

Kim, The Reconnect Therapy Program™,Banking, Married 12 Years

"This therapy is not talking therapy. It's a journey of questioning and guidance that I couldn't have done just by talking. This therapy is transformational. Other therapy allowed me to offload and not do anything deeper. I feel like the person I would have been if I had healthy parents and a safe home. I have changed the direction of my life, my child's life and possibly the relationship I am in. "

Ed, General Relationship Psychotherapy, Business Owner

"Jeraline had a way of making me feel incredibly comfortable in the sessions, and emphasized the importance of using the time and space to focus 100% on my needs. She challenged my natural patterns of thought and behaviour and found ways to make me view these patterns from different angles, so that I could begin to understand my behaviour. This approach helped me to get to the root causes of my anxiety. Most important of all, Jeraline encouraged me to be myself and to feel safe talking about my past as there was no judgement. I enjoyed my therapy, the sessions themselves were always creative and highly explorative. Jeraline was also very conscientious in researching and suggesting extra reading matter and exercises for me, in addition to the behaviour change ‘homework’ that I had to perform most weeks. She tailored each session completely to my needs and I always felt that she was absolutely committed to supporting me from the very start.


The most effective aspect of the therapy was the exploration of my personality, which revealed two conflicting sides of myself. Each of these sides was treated as an individual, in order to find out what each ‘personae’ was contributing to my personality, anxiety and how each one needs to operate. Jeraline applied creative exercises, which allowed each aspect of myself to ‘speak’ and communicate its needs. We explored the ways in which I can get in touch with these aspects of my personality, communicate with them better, and how to bring them both into alignment, so I am more in control. These strategies were probably the most useful to me, and helped me to understand where the conflicts and frustrations have been coming from in my behaviour. I now feel that I have access to these parts of my personality, and I can identify the ‘voice’ of each one inside myself in day-to-day life so I am not sabotaging myself, can feel safe and have more control over myself.


I have reached a much better understanding of myself: of what I need to do to make myself happy, and what I need to provide for myself, creatively, in order to stay balanced and aligned (in terms of the extremes of my personality). I understand that I need to express the parts of my personality that have been suppressed in order to prevent frustration and anxiety. I am slowly gaining control over the attacks of anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. I know that I need to keep working on this, but I feel as if I am ‘talking’ to myself in a more positive way and helping myself to deal with situations that would once have resulted in extreme anxiety or a state of paralysis and panic."

Carl, General Relationship Psychotherapy, Real Estate

"Jeraline’s amazing personality, attitude and positivity are what make her approach unique. I always felt that she cared about the process, genuinely, and that she was interested in me as a person, and that she was keen to understand every aspect of me. She was incredibly committed to the sessions, was always well prepared, and this helped me to commit myself to the process of understanding myself and getting better. Her positive and energetic approach pushed me on and helped me to realise how important the process could be, and how important it was to make changes.


There is an element of spirituality to Jeraline’s techniques, which is non-specific, in a religious sense, and which can help to rid the process of therapeutic labels and jargon. Yes, these terms did crop up, and different theories and techniques were referenced, but Jeraline was careful to steer me way from self-labelling and at no point did she put me in a specific ‘box’. Her approach was to help me to deconstruct myself as a person with a unique combination of problems and anxieties. She also placed me at the forefront of the therapy and encouraged me to be come the ‘therapist of myself’. She imbued me with a spiritual awareness of myself at a time when I had more or less completely lost any sense of my identity and direction, so the whole process was enveloped with this idea of rebuilding a sense of myself and an appreciation of the person I have become over many years. This is a very tailored and personal approach that I would highly recommend."

Simon, Boundaries & Values Training, Director

“I felt positive working with Jeraline, we have done a lot of work together and the time has gone really quickly”. 

Rita, General Relationship Psychotherapy, Influencer

“What I get from working with Jeraline is time to think about myself as I wouldn’t otherwise and would continue to repeat the same old patterns”.

Kam, General Relationship Psychotherapy, IT Company Owner 

"My initial concept of counselling was different to the real thing, before I attended I had a great deal of hesitation, I had always been an individual who could deal with anything life threw at me and I did not think talking to a stranger would help me a great deal.


However, with everyday pressures from work, personal and financial aspects, things got on top of me.  Jeraline provided a relaxed atmosphere and environment to assist me in tackling these problems.  Within weeks my confidence returned and as a result I am able to handle the ongoing pressures facing me everyday whilst keeping a smile on my face.


I recommend Jeraline to anyone I know.  The stereotype given to counselling does not give it justice.  It’s either tackle your problems head on or run away from them."

Bernadette, General Relationship Psychotherapy, Insurance

"I had not been in a relationship for over four years. Within that time I had really focused on myself and felt I had a strong sense of self. I then got into a relationship and I felt very confused because I began to see another side of me which I didn’t recognise. I didn’t recognise myself fully and so I began blaming my boyfriend for gaslighting me. I was very confused whether it was him or me and I didn’t know was going on at all. I really needed clarity so I decided therapy was the best route.

I really loved the counselling sessions with Jeraline. It was a safe space where I could speak freely about how I felt. I was listened to, felt understood and heard. It felt like I was speaking to an unbelievably intelligent and knowledgeable friend who would guide me in the right direction (for me of course). The way I was asked questions allowed me to bring out the answers I had within myself. I had a lot of ‘OMG’ realisation moments."

Melissa, Values Training, Writer & Presenter

"Doing the values training was life changing. I learnt a lot and it made me realise what I had been prioritising and how I had been truly living my life. Having created my new values to live by, it has allowed me to start living my life in the way I want to live it. It also is such a helpful way to know who I surround myself with and if they’re good for me or not, based on whether they align with my values. Within this training, I had a lot of ‘WOW’ moments."

Adam, Values Training, A&E Doctor

"It was a pleasure working with Jeraline.  I appreciated her warmness,  directness and her good energy. I really looked forward to my sessions and I  will continue to put everything I learnt in the training into practice."

Gordon, Values & Boundaries Training, Charity Director

"I start each day being in charge of what I think, how I choose to deal with people and situations. I’m learning not to react!  I’ve gained more control of my life and an ability to reason with myself when dealing with my emotions so I can be more objective. And become more confident in making decisions, what I have to say and my ideas."

James, General Relationship Psychotherapy, Finance

"Overall the benefits have been invaluable.  I really believe in myself now instead of trying to please other people and worrying about what they think.  It feels good that I’m now able to release all the weight of my shoulders."

Agnes, General Relationship Psychotherapy, Store Designer

"The overall structure of Jeraline’s sessions worked very well for me.  I started my counselling sessions fearing the worst, but Jeraline’s style and strategies helped me to build myself personally and spiritually.  I only wish I’d sought her assistance many years ago.  The results have been life changing and I know I will always move forward in life."

Olivia, General Relationship Psychotherapy, Mom, Wife & Business Owner

It sounds scary to say ‘I’m in therapy’, but I think therapy is such an amazing thing. I’d have a therapist for life if I could. It’s like having a really knowledgeable friend helping you with your life, who wouldn’t want that? Getting out of your comfort zone is daunting, but I always think, the scariest things are always the thing we should do.


It’ll push you to grow as a person and break past any issues you have. It may be hard whilst you’re doing the motions of therapy but pain is necessary in order to overcome your issues and grow. Don’t let the fear stop you life is too short to stay in a state of suffering!


Ps. If you think ‘my problem isn’t that bad, other people have it much worse’ - it is all relative. Yeah, someone may be struggling a lot, but it doesn’t take away from your struggles. You’re different people, different lives and there is no comparison. In life, do whatever you need to feel better. Take any action so you can start living the life you want and need."

If any of the above real-life experiences of working alongside Jeraline have resonated and inspired you to have a personal breakthrough, get in touch.

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