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General Relationship Counselling

Relationship Psychotherapy For Individuals

Relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, and other acquaintances often come with challenges and complexities that are really tricky to manage.

You’ve probably experienced more than your fair share of relationships where something feels unhealthy, distorted, toxic, and maybe even abusive.

How do you learn to handle conflict in a healthy way?

How do you approach a new romantic interest, if you’ve been cheated on in the past and have a hard time trusting people? 


What if you’ve experienced a sexual mismatch of some kind, your ex being jealous of your career, or substance misuse problems?

These things are incredibly difficult to repair, manage, or avoid, and can be really hurtful and harmful to your psyche.

Imagine having some trusted and experienced support to help resolve and work through these kinds of difficulties.   Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a safe space to reflect and figure out how to work through these relationship challenges?  Having someone with no personal agenda or bias to help you see when a relationship has unhealthy dynamics, and help you understand the choices you have to work with it is incredibly powerful for your current and future relationships.

General relationship counselling at Talk To Me London Counseling can help you work through these common relationship challenges.


 Will help you to:


  • Develop self awareness.

  • Gain more control and balance in your life.

  • Learn how to identify and communicate your needs.

  • Balance individual and couples expectations.

  • Deal with boundary violations in a healthy and effective way.

  • Identify pathways to making the changes you want.

  • Cope with conflict and stress in relationships.



  • An Initial Consultation.

  • 10 (ten) sessions lasting 60 minutes each.

  • Online weekly attendance.

  • Opportunity to extend sessions long-term (depending on your needs).



​”I went to resolve a number of issues about my fear of not meeting someone. I was supported to be clear, look at my relationship patterns, what a healthy relationship is and how I was relating to others unconsciously.  Jeraline was welcoming, calm, and encouraging. She worked with me to heal my injured self-esteem; feel less anxious, and helped me to remind myself of who I am and my strengths."

My style of psychotherapy adapts to your individual needs.

You’re a unique individual whose emotional, physical, spiritual self is welcomed into counselling as one unified whole. 


I support your unified self, which I believe to be your greatest strength.

To support you in understanding the underlying causes of your relationship challenges, while embracing diversity and difference, I use the following styles of therapy:

  • Psychodynamic

  • Person Centered

  • Inter-Cultural

  • NLP

  • Solution Focused

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Various Trauma Models

Contact me, to find out about the fees and how these specific sessions can help you with your dilemma about relationships. 

TTML Counselling
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