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Relationship Psychotherapist & Childhood Trauma Specialist 








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Hi, I'm Jeraline George.

I am passionate about supporting individuals to take their power back and to be free, by having a healthy relationship with themselves and others.

I have a special place in my heart for individuals who have become successful in their work life, but their early life was marred with emotional and/or physical abuse or neglect and they used their childhood trauma to become successful, but the things they went through as a child still impact on how they feel about themselves and their relationships i.e romantic, family and friendships.

How I developed my passion to help you

I grew up in the school of hard knocks, where you learnt how to do things the hard way. You did not discuss your feelings or emotions.  I learnt to do things on my own, including figuring out over time what a healthy relationship looked and felt like.

Although it was challenging at times, I became clearer on what healthy and unhealthy behaviours were, and how often we re-created the dysfunction we experienced in our early lives in our adult relationships.

Moreover, if we did not clean this stuff up, we would be on a cycle of rinse and repeat. The faces of the people we are in relationships may change, but the situation(s) would just remain the same.

In reality going inwards and really deconstructing who I was turned out to be a doorway at becoming better at relationships.

How my passion relates to my psychotherapy work

It’s amazing being on a journey with someone and watching them as they start to open up the box (called their childhood) that they have pushed into a dark corner. When they open that box it can be overwhelming, but over time they begin to love and care for their younger self who was hurt, value themselves, become more authentic, understand what a healthy relationship is and start to take control over their lives and personal happiness.

Every person I work with is different, and it is vital for them to know they have a safe space to talk about those things that are weighing heavy on their heart.

There is no need to feel embarrassment about the physical or emotional abuse you may have experienced in your childhood, or the dysfunction you are facing in your present relationship or even how you may sabotage yourself when someone offers you something healthy.

The process of learning who you were truly meant to be before you experienced trauma, and how to do relationships healthily, is something to rejoice in.

The help I offer others

I created Talk To Me London Counselling Service as I would like to support men, women, couples and young people to know what a healthy relationship is, so they don’t have to learn the hard way, like I did.



Let’s talk about two things you can do right now to start taking control of the ‘situation’ and feel more clear headed.

Why not have a free 20 minute Moving Forward Session with me, where you can walk away with two simple strategies to help you gain clarity on ‘your’ relationship worries.


Want this? Email me here to find out more.

Session offered to over 18’s only.

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