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Who I Enjoy Working Alongside



  • You recognise that you ready to make changes with your relationship(s) or life and you want support with the next step in your evolution.


  • You have good energy, are motivated, able to listen, contribute, hear some truths, and approach your therapy and training with commitment and authenticity.


  • You embrace difference and diversity and have worked through your ‘isms’.


  • You know what it takes to be successful externally and are committed to growing emotionally and doing the necessary work to make changes.


  • You’re willing to receive guidance and feedback with grace, are excited to learn new things and embrace some therapeutic strategies that may feel 'strange' to you at times.


  • You’re willing to listen to your intuition and follow your true path, even if it is way out of the realms of what others believe you should be doing, because you walk to your own beat.


  • You understand valuing yourself is the most important investment you will ever make.

Please know some of the programs I offer are not for the faint of heart or for those who are not  ready to change.


The biggest challenge you will face in working alongside me is to be honest with yourself and not to tell yourself a story about your relationship(s), how you feel about your life or your past trauma. 

This is space where you will be supported, encouraged, to feel truly safe in your own skin and to like who you really are on the inside. And if you're ready, know you are in the right place. 

If this sounds like you, let's connect and explore if the energy is right for us to work together at this time in your life.

TTML Counselling
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