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Business Partner Counselling


Your Business Partner Getting You Down?

You used to be best friends, now he/she is the enemy within.

You’ve worked hard on making your business a success, and now resent your business partner as you feel they are not pulling their weight. Your values are in conflict, they are controlling, create more problems and offer no solutions.

Four out of five Business Partnerships do not work out; this is higher than the divorce rate.

As an entrepreneur who is also a sought after relationship coach and counsellor ,why not breath some fresh air into the way you communicate with each other and let me provide you with resilience coaching.

My mediation for business partners focuses on what aspects of your relationship has been impacted on by you both being in conflict, and you will be supported to get back on track.

Within the sessions you will clarify what type of professional relationship you now want, learn the skills to actively and empathetically listen to each other, develop trust and the resilience to work with each as professionals so you can return back to your shared vision for the business.


 Six two hour sessions over six consecutive weeks.

What will the sessions do for you:

  • Build your resilience.

  • Help you to stop fighting and start talking.

  • Support you to get things of your chest in a ‘safe’ environment.

  • Identify your individual strengths so you are both working equally.  

  • ​ Learn skills to actively listen, develop empathy and communicate respectfully.

  • Be 100% clear the business goal is the only thing that matters, and work with each other based on this clarity.

  • Support you and your business partner to identify your personal values and ensure you are working smartly with each other.


  • Come to an understanding and have clear agreements on how you will to work together. 

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