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Therapy Program For Single People

Childhood Trauma Program For Single Individuals

During the pandemic, when we were all in lock-down, I decided to work in a very specific way with a small group of people who were single or married. All of these individuals had experienced trauma in their childhood, and had consciously / unconsciously used their trauma as a driver to become successful in their careers.

Some single clients wanted to focus on romantic relationships and we explored how their emotional neglect or physical abuse in childhood was directly linked to their lack of success in meeting someone who was healthy for them, we also explored what a healthy relationship looked like.

Having completed therapy with me, the results are in:





Every participant was able to love their inner child in a way they had not experienced in their childhood; felt more at ease with their past, understood (did not accept) their parents behaviour and learnt how to manage these relationships as healthy adults.


Participants were also able to recognise what to look for in a healthy partner and experienced self-love, leading them to let go of relationships that didn’t work and manifest friendships, romantic relationships and healthier familial relationships that were aligned to them.

This is a one-on-one online program. Taking place weekly over 58 weeks, covering boundaries training, values training, trauma therapy, inner child therapy, re-parenting therapy, connection styles, relationship scripts, coaching through your dating, relationship psychotherapy, relationship training and much more.

Details of this program are coming soon, if you want to find out more about inner-child therapy, the fee and are:

  • Single.

  • Feel ready to deal with the hurt you experienced in your childhood.

  • Tired of dating people who don’t treat you well or not dating at all.




​”I will admit that the main reason for starting the program was that I had found myself in a bad spot romantically! It was the catalyst that had sent me spiraling down into negative thought patterns and behaviours that I had “successfully” suppressed for a number of years.


I had been in therapy before and had found it an overall very positive experience, so it was something that I was generally open to. However I was certainly apprehensive, as regardless of which therapist I chose, I didn’t know if their way of working would be a good fit, if we would be able to build good rapport, if they were going to be someone that I could trust and be fully open and honest with.

I think it became clear quite quickly that I had a lot more going on than my immediate romantic issues! I was always aware that my childhood was far from ideal, but the more sessions I had, the more I opened up, the more dots I was able to connect between my upbringing and how I had been dealing with my current causes of stress and difficulties.

When you are working to unlearn decades of coping mechanisms and maladaptive thought patterns brought about by trauma, it is never going to be an overnight process. As I learned more about myself and got further into therapy, even in the time between sessions I was changing and growing. I was processing the new information learned and making connections between events and thoughts that I had no idea were there before, meaning that often I had a new revelation to bring to the table the next session!

I will admit that I had not come across inner child work before, and was hugely sceptical at first of how it would even work. I was willing to give it a go though, because what was there to lose! Under Jeraline’s guidance, I was able to access aspects of myself that I didn’t even know existed because I had suppressed them for so long.


I found that it was a different way of honing in on some of the specific parts that make up the whole version of me.


Something that was particularly eye-opening in this process was how the work revealed how through my childhood I had been dehumanised and treated as an object, not allowed to have my own thoughts, opinions, or identity. It was so internalised and normal to me, that I don’t know that I would have been able to put my finger on it without this approach allowing me to step outside of myself, to then look inwards.

In all honesty my life has completely changed since I started therapy with Jeraline, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to express the full extent of my gratitude to her. I was in a work environment that was at times toxic, and was not serving me or my mental health well.


My romantic life was in a place of turmoil and extremely poor communication. My relationship with my family was deeply harmful, and had me feeling completely impotent in my life as a young adult.


Looking back, I can see how I have transformed into a different person.


I’m not perfect by any stretch, and I certainly have a lot more learning, changing and improving to do, but the foundations upon which I am now building are so much stronger, and I feel so much more well-equipped to handle whatever life may throw at me.


I would 100% recommend Jeraline’s style of psychotherapy to anyone. She has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. The therapy is not a one-size-fits-all process, and Jeraline is very aware of that and is able to adapt and shape the program to suit the individual to achieve the best, long-lasting results."

Contact me to find out how this specific program can help you with your childhood trauma, romantic  and non-romantic relationships.

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