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Do you question if your partner is attracted to you anymore?

Wonder why they never act excited to see you, and take forever to answer your messages?
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    Let go of your anxiety and be the best version of you with TTML.
    I help individuals, who have had their self-esteem and confidence rocked by past relationships, to feel great and be more secure in who they are, and in their relationships.

    Worried about your relationship all the time and not spending any time nurturing it? Have toxic bonds with partners or family members set the tone for your future relationships?  Blaming your looks or your weight for the reason you can’t make your partner happy anymore?

    Insecurity can be detrimental to your closest relationships; it can chip away at your confidence, and result in things that you don’t want to occur to transpire. The great news is the cure – and the cause – are in ‘you’!

    Studies have found that people with low self-esteem have higher levels of relationship anxiety.  This can impact every area of your life, including how you dress, how you make friends and who you choose as a partner. 

    It prevents you from experiencing the benefits of a genuine loving connection with others, and if you are not feeling safe, or good about the way you look, or if your trust issues are being spiked, your anxiety will skyrocket.

    Let me help you feel more secure within yourself,  more trusting in relationships, and develop a personal style that reveals the self-assured ‘you’;  so you can feel calm, safe, confident and authentic every day.

    As a highly experienced BACP Accredited psychotherapist, and professional fashion stylist, with over 16 years experience in both fields; I am in a unique position to help you change your life by supporting you through psychotherapy and styling. Together, we can work through your fears about your relationships, your negative self talk and the devastation your anxiety may be having on your self-esteem and confidence.

    Want to know how relationship anxiety plays itself out – click here to find out more.

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