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I'm Curious...Why Are You Here?

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You may be looking at this site because...

You've probably been told by your partner, if you don't get some therapy things are over.

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...Or having a successful time at work was a distraction from what had gone on in your past.

You're now at a major cross roads in your life and you know something has to change.

You think it's your relationship, but deep down you know there is a box called your childhood that you don't want to face due to safety, vulnerability or fear.

Problems in relationships. Sad unhappy cheerless woman standing near her boyfriend and hol

...Or you have done something in your relationship that has destroyed your partners trust.

Everything your partner thought about you and your life together has been shattered.

You feel guilty, and will try anything before one or both of you call it quits.

Whatever the reason that has led you here, please know it takes courage to accept you may need some help. 

Hi, I'm Jeraline George.

I'm an accredited Relationship Psychotherapist in London and Founder of Talk To Me London Counselling Service.

I am passionate about supporting individuals to have a healthy relationship with themselves and others by taking their power back and being free.

For many individuals their relationships i.e. romantic, familial and friendships are the most important things in their life and there is no shame in exploring why things may not be working out or why you may not have a good relationship with yourself. 

I want to help men, women and couples to understand what a healthy relationship is.


Talk To Me London Counselling Service

Values Training

If you are questioning who you are and what is important to you, I can help you to identify and connect with your core values so you are being your authentic self.

Boundaries Training

If you keep on saying ‘yes’ to things that you wish you hadn’t agreed to, I can help you to discover and set your boundaries so you can navigate relationships from a healthy place.

Relationship Psychotherapy

If you are single person, feeling hurt, sad, frustrated or disappointed with yourself, family, friends or past relationships and need a safe space to talk. I offer you support in your journey to work through the challenges in your relationships.

Couples Psychotherapy

If you are a couple and there is a dynamic in your relationship that is leading one or both of you to be unhappy or something has happened that has shattered the trust. I can help you to communicate your needs and focus on how to move forward.

Support For Those In A Relationship Who Experienced Trauma In Childhood

If you are married or in a long-term relationship and you experienced emotional, physical abuse or neglect in your childhood and it has left you scarred, unable to fully trust and be vulnerable with your current partner.

I have created a program to help you face and heal your childhood trauma and fully connect with your romantic partner from an adult place which is whole, loving, authentic and safe.

Support For Single People

 Who Experienced Trauma In Childhood

If you were physically or emotionally abused as a child, and as an adult you find yourself dating cold, withholding or unavailable people who make you anxious, or maybe you are cold and defensive because really you don’t want to be hurt like your were by your parents.

I can help you release the pain from your childhood, so you can give yourself the love, safety, value and care you never got to experience, and you can truly understand what a healthy relationship feels like. 



TTML Counselling
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