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You’ve Tried Enough, And You Are Ready For

A Significant Change.

You’re tired of being stuck in a style rut, flailing around for an outfit that makes you feel and look incredible.

  • I want to help you go to your wardrobe and actually smile for the first time when you open the doors to choose an outfit.


  • I want you to put on an outfit for the date that you have and genuinely feel like a million dollars, not only because you look good but because you feel amazing and the reason that you feel amazing is that you feel really good inside.

You get up in the morning, open your wardrobe doors and feel your self esteem plummet as you can’t find anything you fancy to wear.

You have old clothes, things that no longer fit, things that don’t fit your  feel comfy and make me look amazing mold; things that don’t look good – but you can’t bare to part with them, things that make you feel out of touch with the ‘Real You’ and just don’t make you feel like yourself.  You’re stuck in a style rut, flailing every day for a good outfit and defaulting to a simple black t-shirt, trainers and jeans. You don’t know how to get out of it. You keep on promising yourself that you are going to buy some new things, you’ve got some money put aside as you want to treat yourself and feel a little bit better, but you don’t do it because you don’t feel good enough  and you aren’t confident enough to dress in the way you really want to.


Does this story sound familiar!!!

Because you have struggled enough with this situation are you feeling ready to look in your wardrobe and love the choices you have.  Are you ready for you and your wardrobe to feel different. As doing this work together will bring about these changes.  As I will be supporting you to work through those situations or relationships that wounded your confidence which is showing up in how you dress.


To help you with that I offer these confidence and styling counselling sessions at different levels and here are all the elements.

The Assessment

This is where I meet you, find out more about your style and identify what colours and styles of clothing are going to make you pop.

It’s also an opportunity to find out what relationship has impacted on your confidence and style,  discover the emotional impact this relationship has had on you, identify what you are hoping to gain from working with and together we can devise an action plan to help you move forward so you have a wardrobe you love.

Confidence building counselling sessions 1- 2 sessions: 


This is where we get into the heart of your relationship issues and how these things show up in the way you dress. By listening to you and I will then be able to help you identify the clothing that will help you feel good about yourself but also make you light up.

If you have never worked on your confidence before and this is your first time ever seeing a counsellor, and you need more in-depth work to start feeling better about yourself, you can have six sessions of confidence building counselling session.  The sessions are as stated above, however we will, work through the core feelings behind your lack of confidence; how you feel about yourself and supporting you to move on from that relationship that hurt you. Together we will identify new ways of thinking, and during these sessions it will be an opportunity to discover who you really are and choose clothes based on the new you that is emerging through your sessions.

The Wardrobe workout: 


Once we have done your assessment and confidence building sessions, you can choose to have a wardrobe workout.  This will help you give away those negative feelings about yourself and your wardrobe, by helping you to remove the feeling that you have nothing to wear and replace this with a wardrobe that has versatility, causing you to feel good about yourself as you will have clothes that feel good and you love to wear.

Before I visit you in your home and spend a few hours helping you to craft a wardrobe that you not only love but every item suits you and feels good on you. You will be required to do some pre-work on your wardrobe, which we can discuss.


Personal shopping session -specific outfit for 1 – 3 events:

Have an interview, date or special event.  Once you’ve had your assessment, confidence building counselling and sessions, let me take the stress out of shopping for you by finding the outfit that is not only appropriate for the event, but also makes you feel great and look amazing.  We will then go out together so you can try on and purchase the items.

Before I find the outfit(s) for you,  we will spend some time together finding out more about the event, what your needs are and I will present you with my findings, we will then arrange a good time for you and I to go out and try on the times before you purchase them.



Before I present any outfit to you, we will spend some time together finding out more about the event, what your needs are, what you’re willing to spend  and I will present you with my findings.

I listen



Assessment                        1.5 hours

Confidence building        

counselling sessions         2 hours

Wardrobe workout*         3.5 hours


Total                                    7 hours


One payment of                £775 



*depending on size of your wardrobe


Assessment                     1.5 hours

Confidence building        

counselling sessions      2 hours

Personal shopping         1.5 -3.5 hrs  

Pre work:                       

Presentation                   1 hour

Pre-shop                          2 hours


Total                                 8–10 hours


One  payment of           £880-£1100


Assessment                     1.5 hours

Confidence building        

counselling sessions      6 hours

Personal shopping         1.5 -3.5 hrs 

Pre work:                       

Presentation                   1 hour

Pre-shop                          2 hours

Wardrobe workout        3.5 hours


Total                                15.5 – 17.5 hrs


One payment of            £1705 -£1925*

*Certain aspects of  ICY VIOLET  service can be replaced, please contact me to do discuss this in more detail.

Introductory Counselling and Styling session:

Let’s spend some time talking about the relationship or situation  that impacted on your confidence and how your confidence has been affected and  how this then impacts on the way that you dress.  We can then identify the colours that are right for you and identify some key clothing items that will have an impact on your style and help build up your confidence.

The counselling styling session consists of an initial assessment  lasting 90 minutes and one confidence building counselling and styling session lasting one hour. Total investment £275.00


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