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How It Works


With The Talk To Me London Method, Feeling Better About Your Relationships And Yourself  Starts On The Inside!

What you need is to feel good about who you are. To be with someone who values you, wants to be with you, understands your needs, and makes you feel safe.

Acting mysterious, elusive, or distant, in the hope you will keep your partner hooked doesn’t work - contrary to what your friends and books may tell you. The support from Talk To Me London is likely to be different in several ways:

One: most strategies fail to prioritize inner work first. Talk To Me London will help you uncover the real roots of your insecurity without distorting or dragging your partner into it.

Two: I’ll help you to connect with all the good that’s inside of you, and challenge that inner critic that sabotages your relationship, confidence, self-esteem and makes you anxious about your appearance.


Three: I will help you identify what an anxious free relationship looks like, whilst you work on liking, loving and valuing yourself so you can experience what healthy self-esteem feels like in the real world. As an image consultant for women, I can show you how to use your wardrobe, make-up and accessories to express your new-found confidence through your style, image and clothing.

My 3 Pillars:

I listen

Just having someone who is supportive and provides you with a listening ear in a safe space can really help you unblock the feelings that will allow you to express your style more clearly.

I won't judge you 

Because I am not a family member or one of your friends, you may find it easier to talk to me honestly about the situations and relationships that have been a challenge in your life. I take you exactly as you are: I won’t judge you and I will respect your feelings and perspective while offering you a mirror that may provide you with a new perspective.

Keep it confidential

You need to feel safe so that you can be open and honest about your feelings. Whatever you do or say during our counselling and styling sessions will be kept 100% confidential.

Once we have found the source of your relationship anxiety, we can remove the blocks preventing you from expressing your true self and communicating what you really need in your relationships. We will create a plan to build up your self-esteem, look your best and become more confident as well as supporting you in finding stable committed bonds that stop your relationship anxiety in its tracks. You will have the tools to look for a partner or friendships that provide you with the consistency and safety you need.

TTML Counselling
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