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Is This You?

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You keep thinking about your ex-partner (the Phantom Ex). None of the people you date live up to him/ her; thoughts of your ex consume you, you worry you missed out on ‘the one’.

You’re getting dressed for a date and your critical inner voice tells you: “You’re fat, you’re too thin, you’re ugly, cover up, he/she will never fancy you’.

You are in a relationship, but your negative inner critic tells you not to trust him/her. Keep to yourself. Don’t invest. Don’t get hurt, or your partner is cheating on you.

You have feelings for someone. You act like you don’t care, because you are scared he or she is too good for you.

You look for the worm and not the apple! You overlook your accomplishments, natural abilities, achievements, but readily focus on what you believe you lack or are not good at.

Can you answer YES to one more of these scenarios?

If so, you have anxiety about relationships.

What is it? It is when you spend more time anxiously thinking about the relationship rather than nurturing it.

The fears can vary from person to person, but the concern is the same – abandonment.

Your fear of rejection or abandonment may be supporting you to get into relationships with people who can’t meet your needs. Who start off being really into you, and then withdraw from you, reaffirming your core belief that you are not good enough and something is wrong with you.  

But you no longer have to be one of them. I can help you build your confidence so you can redefine what it means for you to be in a relationship.

Let me support you to uncover the roots of your insecurity and challenge that critical voice that sabotages your relationships - click here!

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