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You've probably been told by your partner if you don't get some therapy things are over.In group therapy, approximately 6 - 12 women meet face-to-face with Jeraline and Caroline Newell, a fantastic psychotherapist, on a weekly basis to discuss all issues related to their worries and frustrations about romantic relationships.


Using an amalgamation of different therapeutic approaches over 12 weeks, we will support women to let go of their fear of abandonment, and have them instead stand in their power, communicate authentically, and have love for themselves which is reflected on the inside and the outside, so they can have a meaningful relationship with a partner.

How Does Group Therapy work at TTML?

In sessions women will begin to see they are not alone in their anxiety about relationships - this can be very healing and liberating.


Group members communicating with each other is encouraged, and provides individual members with a safe and boundaried space to explore and practice new and healthy ways of relating.

We will explore the dynamics taking place within the group at any one time, as our goal is to highlight what may be unspoken, implied, or unconscious with regards to your beliefs and actions in relationships. By gently supporting you to be conscious of your values and behaviours, you will be helped to adopt new and healthier ways of relating to yourself and others.

Dates and Times:

Group Therapy Dates (Thursday Evenings).





Our next group runs in April 2020. 


TTML Counselling
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