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Praise for Jeraline

Wendy | Personal Trainer

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Wendy was promoted and wanted her style to reflect who she 'really' was.


"Jeraline, used various tools to help me uncover my own sense of style. Rather than being spoon fed, I was given the opportunity to build my own picture of what I identified as my personal style, as Jeraline really tried to understand me as an individual. Of course, there were a few helpful nudges along the way if I got stuck. I found the whole process very empowering."


Tamara | Journalist

Tamara was going overseas and wanted to look more stylish and feeling like her 'real' self. 


Despite the fact that I have had counselling in the past and didn’t think that I needed any at the moment, I had never really spent a lot of time thinking about why I dress the way I do and the way it is linked to my confidence, particularly around my long-standing body issues.


Jeraline is a gifted psychotherapist and over our couple of sessions she really helped me see how my body confidence issues have impacted the way that I express myself through clothes. She also helped me understand that I do not have to wait until I am the perfect size before I start dressing the way that I want to".

After the counselling sessions, she came to my house to do a Wardrobe Workout, which was an additional service and my favourite part of Style Psychotherapy. We went through every single item in my wardrobe.It was really amazing to see how many clothes I actually have, as well as some of my style ruts. But the most helpful thing was the way that Jeraline was able to take items of clothing that I would never wear together (or in some cases, never wear at all) and make fun new outfits out of them. She really helped me see my clothes, and myself, through new eyes.

Then came the day of the styling session. she created outfits that I would not normally wear, especially with the accessories that she chose. She bought a pair of red trainers and a pair of red heels for the styling session, both of which I loved! As I am not used to wearing heels, the shoes were a bit difficult for me to wear but I am definitely going to look for a similar pair with a shorter heel as they made my legs look great!


After the styling session I received a bespoke style guide which was supremely helpful as it outlined the colours and shapes that suited me best. It contained a few surprises – such as the fact that I should limit the amount of black I wear (and I wear a lot because I always thought it was a slimming colour) some of the shades that suit me, such as rose pink. I can’t wait to go shopping and try some of these new colours out!

I would highly recommend this service. Jeraline is a trained psychotherapist and has a passion and background in fashion. It is not mainly styling services that also look at the underlying confidence issues that cause so many of us to dress in a particular way and then get stuck in a style rut for a number of years.

With the new information, and confidence, that I now have, I am looking forward to expressing myself more authentically through my clothes. As well as being highly-skilled, Jeraline is compassionate and fun. She will help you stretch your boundaries without making you look and feel like someone else. After the sessions, I felt like a better version of myself, and I look forward to exploring this new me.

Soleil | Performer

Soleil wanted outfits that she could wear on stage that allowed her to be modist and stylish.


I took into consideration her needs, and also looked at what colours would suit her and how she could look edgy, funky  and youthful whilst adhering to her values and beliefs. I came up with a number of looks and this one was her favorite.

Here's what she had to say:

"The inspirations that Jeraline picked for me were very classy and in-line with my principles in terms of how covered up I wanted to be, yet still celebrating my femininity! She also used my sheroes - Lauryn Hill & Alicia Keys, as inspiration to make my outfits choices more unique to me and my character.

I loved how the outfit choices flattered my figure and were within my budget, including the shoes! They made me feel secure in my body shape and very attractive. Also to complete the look, she suggested make up styles that could complemented my natural features.

Jeraline not only picked colours that complemented my skin, but ones that were bold which made me feel beautiful and confident.

I’d really recommend Jeraline as a style therapist because she found the perfect combination between the style I was going for and my personality."

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Chris | Designer | Psychotherapy For Relationship Worries

how to save my marriage

Chris was experiencing stress in his new marriage.


He did not know why he was getting angry.  He knew his relationship would not survive in the long-term, if things kept going the way they were going. 


​"I absolutely recommend Jeraline and her style of psychotherapy, because it is really effective at getting to the root cause of problems.  It is extremely effective if you are open and honest as a client.  It is really relieving to talk about things that you have never talked about before.  I learned so much about myself, and that has helped me have better interactions with everyone, everyday.  It is helping my career and my marriage, in a way that I could not have imagined before I started therapy."


​*Clients name has been changed to maintain confidentiality and the above image is of a model. 

Jasna | Yoga Teacher

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Jasna wanted to be braver with her clothes and embrace her femininity  


‘I feel like I connected with Jeraline the first time we spoke on the phone. She is such a kind and fun person to talk to and have around and  I absolutely loved her style as well. 


My objective for going ahead with this was wanting to be more feminine with my style of clothes and mostly braver when choosing what to wear. I learned that I was afraid to show my femininity and that I think that I don’t deserve to wear certain clothes because my body isn’t where I want it to be. I have also struggled with organising my clothes and putting aside things I will never wear again or don’t currently wear.


Jeraline was amazing with helping me reducing my wardrobe to what I actually wear currently and archiving away the clothes that are currently not in season or currently don’t fit. The whole experience was super relaxed and fun. She is extremely patient and supportive. She has given me amazing styling ideas and ideas to combine things that I wouldn’t normally combine. I immediately felt lighter with all that space in my room and my wardrobe which also created more space in my mind.


I learned that it’s OK to be feminine and that I should wear more colours and not only hide myself in black.'

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