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 Relationship Psychotherapy

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I offer an exclusive holistic solution to help you let go of your worries about relationships and build lasting self-esteem. 

Let’s talk about two things you can do right now to start taking control of the ‘situation’ and feel more confident.

Why not have a free 25 minute Moving Forward Session with me, where you can walk away with two simple strategies to help you gain clarity on ‘your’ relationship worries and start rebuilding your self-esteem?


Want this? Email me here to find out more.

Session offered to over 18’s only.



Holistic Psychotherapy  + Loving Realness

1| Who Would Have Psychotherapy Sessions With Me?

You’re over 18 and booking me for psychotherapy because:

  • You’re in a relationship, but picture things going badly. You spend far too much time imagining the worst and constantly think your partner is going to dump you.


  • You find it difficult to live in the present, and when you talk to yourself it’s really negative and critical.


  • You don’t have a problem meeting people. You have sex after the first or second date, hoping it will keep the person interested or wanting to be in a relationship with you, but you still get rejected.


  • You never tell people you are seeing what you really want. You don’t want to be seen as ‘needy’.  You find yourself pleasing others and then end up being hurt or dumped.

  • You were emotionally or physically abused by a parent, partner or family member in the past. This has resulted in you being cold in or avoiding relationships, choosing abusive partners, or having no boundaries in your relationships.

What I do in sessions is more than listen and nod my head and stare at you blankly!


As a psychotherapist, relationship counsellor and mediator who is passionate about helping people have healthier relationships with themselves and others, I share with you the tools you can use successfully to help yourself, whilst you gain the knowledge to truly understand and implement self-care.  Practicing discernment and recognising what a healthy relationship looks and feels like so you can let go of those things that are causing you worry in your relationships.


2| How Does It Work?

Your exclusive treatment plan is individually tailored and bespoke.


Below is an overview of your weekly sessions:


  • Identify if you are avoidant, secure, anxious or anxious avoidant in your relationship attachment style.

  • Understand who hurt you, what's causing your anxiety and the power your negative critical inner voice has over you.


  • Have your eyes opened to your patterns of behaviour and subconscious relationship scripts.


  • Look at how you view yourself as a result of your relationship script, and how this is impacting the choices you make and the relationships you enter into.


  • Gain clarity on how you communicate with yourself and others, and understand how what you do or don’t say is actually holding you back in relationships and causing more anxiety.

3| How Will Sessions Help You?

  • Learn how to use your attachment style powerfully to understand yourself better, guide your interactions in dating and long-term relationships resulting in more happiness in your relationships.


  • Acquire strategies, new insights and knowledge to support you in letting go of the stories you tell yourself about relationships, learn to manage or let of your anxiety, and explore how it plays itself out and sabotages your relationships. 

  • Get to meet the ‘real’ you, and realise it’s o.k. to voice your desires as ‘you’ know what’s important to you and are starting to value and yourself even more.


  • Feel more secure and connected to your partner as you will be encouraged to communicate authentically and share with your partner what is making you anxious and suggest a solution.


  • You can start to trust  more as you possess more self-confidence and no longer look for reassurance from others, resulting in you truly accepting the love and affection your partner directs towards you.

  • You can start to let go of the inner critic, who runs amok in your relationship with yourself and others, and change your life in gradual steps to experience the happiness you desire.

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