Free Session. Why?

Why am I offering you a free session?


This is probably the first time you have come across me so why would you want to talk to me?

Having been a psychotherapist for nearly 18 years, I know, having spoken to my clients, that entering into counselling for the first time or working with a new counsellor can be a bit scary.  

I would like to help you initially by talking to you and providing you with some complimentary support, so you can begin to find a solution to what you are going through, whilst we both figure out if we are good match for each other.  


You can read my testimonies on my website; still nothing is better than you having your own experience of talking to me and making up your mind for yourself, and if we aren’t a good fit, that is o.k.  As the real goal is for you to leave your ‘session’ with me with some value.

What qualifies you to want to talk to me for free?

If you have been through my site; I am BACP Accredited psychotherapist who has been offering therapy  to men and women from all cultures, walks of life and backgrounds who are dealing with depression, anger, grief, stress, abuse etc., which has had a negative impact on their self-confidence and what choices they make.

Check out my bio for more information on me.

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