Praise for Jeraline

Wendy | Merchandiser | Break-Up Support 

Wendy had broken up with her partner of five years and was feeling lost.

“You have given me the tools to help myself. I will forever be in awe of your big heart, your intelligence, your intuition, your compassion. You are such an important example to me of radical, self-love, ‘discipline and discernment' (possibly my favourite take-away from our sessions) and what happens when you find your purpose. Thank you for leading me back to myself. With love.”


Hiromi| Consultant | Commitment Issues

Hiromi's fast paced job was impacting on his love life. 


“If I don’t have time in the week to think about myself, I find myself repeating the same old avoidant relationship patterns. The sessions provide me with an opportunity to have a space to uncover what specific issues are affecting my inability to commit to the person I am seeing. Having a listening ear supports me to find the answers within myself to solve my problems. With the new information, and confidence, that I now have, I feel like a better version of myself, and I am being more honest to others.”

Mary | Actor | Abandonment Issues

Mary didn't realise how grief in her childhood was linked to her fear of abandonment.


​“I definitely know my worth and love myself more than I have ever done.  I have started to set boundaries and listen to my instincts, as they are always right! I suppressed my feelings in the past, but now I have become more open and true to myself.”

Chris | Designer | Marriage In Crisis

Chris was experiencing stress in his new marriage.


He did not know why he was getting angry.  He knew her relationship would not survive in the long-term, if things kept going the way they were going. 


​"I absolutely recommend Jeraline and her style of psychotherapy, because it is really effective at getting to the root cause of problems.  It is extremely effective if you are open and honest as a client.  It is really relieving to talk about things that you have never talked about before.  I learned so much about myself, and that has helped me have better interactions with everyone, everyday.  It is helping my career and my marriage, in a way that I could not have imagined before I started therapy."


Carl & Tanya | Partners At War | Business Counselling

Carl and Tanya, contacted me for business partner counselling. They were fighting and at risk of closing.

‘Our friendship has returned and our communication has improved. Both of us feel less stressed, as the sessions allowed us to get things of our chests, so we now feel more relaxed around each other and can focus on the business. We  start each day being in charge of what we think, how we choose to deal with people and situations. We're learning not to react. We had a different view of counselling before we went but it exceeded my expectations."


Sonia | Manager | Fed Up Of Apps & Dating Sites

Sonia was dating and becoming disheartened.

She was on various apps, and kept on meeting people who were unavailable or after one thing.


​”I went to resolve a number of issues about my fear of not meeting someone. I was supported to be clear, look at my relationship patterns, what a healthy relationship is and how I was relating to others unconsciously.  Jeraline was welcoming, calm, and encouraging. She worked with me to heal my injured self-esteem; feel less anxious, and helped me to remind myself of who I am and my strengths."

* All names have been changed.

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