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 Relationship Psychotherapy

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Let’s talk about two things you can do right now to start taking control of the ‘situation’ and feel more confident.

Why not have a free 25 minute Moving Forward Session with me, where you can walk away with two simple strategies to help you gain clarity on ‘your’ relationship worries and start rebuilding your self-esteem?


Want this? Email me here to find out more.

Session offered to over 18’s only.



I offer high-end relationship counselling to help you achieve healthy, meaningful, psychologically safe and successful relationships by knowing your connection style and relationship script.


Choose my weekly ‘exceptional package’ i.e. face-to-face sessions lasting 50 minutes, or let’s go ‘classic’ and do video/telephone sessions fully customised around your goals and lifestyle.

Whether you choose the ‘classic’ or ‘exceptional’, your therapy is directly built around your deep assessment which you can book with me after our initial complimentary 20-minute talk about your relationship goals.

We will look closely into ‘how you do relationships’, your negative internal dialogue and any barriers which may have been created by toxic bonds with parents, family members or partners. These bonds may have set the tone for your future relationships and the difficulties you are facing now.

We will devise a plan so you can make key and deep changes in your relationship script,  and identify what a healthy and meaningful relationship looks like for you.


The features of our sessions will include:


  • A full psychological and relationship assessment with an experienced psychotherapist that, using a mixture of traditional and modern models, will set the background for your sessions.

  • One hour weekly sessions via telephone or online, during the week from 7.00 am onwards and at weekends to avoid work conflicts.

  • Tailored exercises that work to resolve your relationship worries and facilitate growth and better connections.


  • Long-term support from a counsellor who will have your back and help you to really embed and ingrain new behaviours and relationship scripts so the changes you make are real, deep and long-lasting.



Some of the primary benefits of having these sessions are:

  • Get out of your relationship plateaus by knowing your connection style and really understand what an ‘ideal’ and meaningful relationship looks like for you.


  • Deconstruct thoughts that have gotten in the way of what you want. Develop healthy new ways of thinking so you can enjoy and accept who you are by developing more self-compassion, awareness as an equal within a relationship resulting in you feeling more confident.

  • STOP ghosting, stashing, or playing mind-games because you fear being hurt. Instead, be ‘present’; develop compassion for others by working through your issues with rejection, abandonment, power and insecurity.


  • Finally experience ‘wise’ love and genuine connection by letting go of toxic bonds from your past and cultivate a deeper connection with your personal or business partner.

This has helped my clients across London overcome their limited beliefs, figure out ‘how they love’ and connect to others, by using this knowledge to clarify what works and what doesn’t in their personal or business relationships.

They have developed the confidence to have honest and clear conversations with others because they realise, it’s down to them and their desire for happiness, if they want a meaningful relationship.

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