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how to cure depression
Helen, 38,
Family Worries

One day, Helen made a phone call that helped her to take control of her life.


Helen’s story


Helen, 38, felt like her life was falling apart when her husband became ill.


“I was relieved to have counselling. I was becoming depressed and anxious and feeling overwhelmed with all my family responsibilities”.


Talking helped

“Jeraline was very understanding from the start and I was comfortable with her. I feel I would have had a breakdown, if I had not had counselling, and when I was feeling sad I didn’t want to go out; but my counselling was life changing”.

“I was taught ways to cope with my feelings of being overwhelmed, and given practical exercises every week to follow, which made a huge difference to coping.  I still use the practical things and it makes a difference between coping and not coping”.

It has made me change


“I felt before counselling that my life was falling apart and I couldn’t cope. I now feel that not only have I got my life back, but that I am enjoying my life and I can cope”.


“I was able to look at things in my life that I hadn’t done for a long time, and even though at times it was difficult, it has made me change. I have learnt healthy behaviour patterns, that have really helped me, and more importantly, I have learned why and where my past behaviour patterns developed. This knowledge has made it easier to adopt new ways of behaving and coping; which has improved how I think”.


“I am so grateful to have had access to therapy, and to have had such a kind, understanding and supportive therapist in Jeraline.  You've helped me get my life back, and helped me to make the changes I needed to make. As a result, my depression and anxiety have greatly improved”.

how to save a relationship
Pete, 35,
Relationship Issues

Pete was feeling helpless.


Pete should have been on top of the world; he’d successfully set up his own business, but everything changed when his girlfriend became depressed.

 “My initial concept of counselling was different to the real thing; before I attended I had a great deal of hesitation”.

“I had always been an individual who could deal with anything life threw at me, and I did not think talking to a stranger would help me a great deal”.


“However, with everyday pressures from work, personal and financial aspects, things got on top of me”. 


“Jeraline provided a relaxed atmosphere and environment to assist me in tackling these problems”.


“Within weeks my confidence returned, and as a result, I am able to handle the ongoing pressures facing me every day; whilst keeping a smile on my face”.


“I recommend Jeraline to anyone I know.  The stereotype given to counselling does not give it justice.  It’s either tackle your problems head on, or run away from them”.

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Jonathan, 44

Jonathan, felt overlooked and frustrated at work.


"The most beneficial thing that came out of my therapy, was preventing

things increasing my stress levels".

Jonathan, was drinking and partying, and knew it was getting out of control. His wife was on the verge of leaving him; he was in a bad place and needed to talk.


“I felt myself becoming increasingly frustrated at work. I would put ideas forward, and they would be ignored or dismissed”.


“Later another colleague would say the same thing, and they would be given a pat on the back”.

“I wasn’t being respected by the team I managed; they were constantly trying to take advantage of situations”.


“Things would not get done on time, I’d be fobbed off, calls and emails wouldn’t be responded to and deadlines wouldn't be met. I found myself becoming increasingly angry at my colleagues, which seemed to get things done. I took on more work, which caused me more stress”.


“To let off steam, I started staying out with friends; drinking, partying, and when I did go home, I would argue with my wife”.


Reaching out for help


“My wife was threatening to leave me, and my boss had taken me aside to have a word. I needed someone to challenge my own thoughts, values, and to understand if they were productive and positive to my life style”.


“I was attracted to the style of therapy, as it was focused on setting goals, evaluating them realistically and working towards them. This helped me embrace the sessions and fully commit to them, as a way of realising my goals.


“The initial session that set the goals of the therapy, writing these down, and carrying them around with me in my wallet; helped me to stay focused, once in the ‘real world’”.


How Jonathan felt about his counselling?


“My counsellors’ style challenged my personal philosophies in a healthy way, to enable me to understand those which were beneficial for me and those that were no longer relevant or negative”.


“I also appreciated the ‘no one’s a victim’ approach to therapy, where our actions and thoughts are our own”.


“The homework activities were a vital part of therapy, as it brought personal reflection that I got inside the therapy session, into my normal environment. This helped".


The benefits


“I have become much more aware of my own positive and negative traits, and with this, I am much better at steering clear of the negative traits; relating to how I deal with stress”.


“The most beneficial thing that came out of the therapy was preventing things increasing my stress levels, and if they do; having better ways of relieving the stress. By setting boundaries, which I now follow through on, I am able to reduce my stress levels”.


“The positive mental space, both within the session and outside of it, has enabled me to re-evaluate what is important to me and how I value myself. This has reduced work, from being an unhealthy commitment”.


“I am now able to emotionally share more with my family and friends, which is something that doesn’t come naturally to me. However, it has made a huge change to the way that I approach things; as I don’t feel I need to do everything independently, and can open more of myself to those closest.”


“Prior to starting the work with my counsellor, I had aspirations of what I wanted to do in my life, that I seemed to be moving in the opposite direction of; now I am back on track”.


“Whilst I am much busier these days in all aspects of my life, I am finding life much less complicated! I am a happy confident person, able to let go of unproductive stress and enjoy more of life”.

signs of depression in women
Sue, 43
Feeling Depressed

Sue, felt that nobody was listening to her.


​“I was feeling very depressed, angry, fed up and stressed. I felt that nobody was listening to me and my problems, and that nobody cared”.


“I didn’t have time for myself; I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the issues that were happening in my life. I felt I was on the go all the time, and not able to stop; switch off, and say no to people, or no to doing something that I didn’t really have time for”.

Reaching out for Help


"At first I wasn’t sure what counselling would entail. Counselling is made to sound that it’s for people who have really lost their state of mind!”


“I felt I needed to talk, and see if it would help me move forward. I did feel nervous at first, as to what would happen and where it would lead to. However, as the sessions went on, it was giving me back my energy and reassurance”.


“The sessions were about me and encouraging me to put myself first”


“It was good. Talking to my counsellor gave me back my enthusiasm”.


“I was listened to. The sessions were about me and encouraging me to put myself first. It made me feel like a human being again, and that I have feelings and needs to”.


“My counselling made me think about what I needed to put in order first and for me to think about my needs”.


The benefits


“I am now saying no to people, and no to doing things. As I am making time - for me. What I am not able to do, I put back on my to do list; as I am no longer feeling guilty, for not getting everything done”.


“I now stop, and take time out to breathe”.


If like Helen, Pete, Jonathan and Sue, you would like to talk to someone, there are different ways we can help. Talk to us about what's causing you to feel troubled, by booking a ‘Pre-Therapy Session’.


* These stories have kindly been shared with our clients’ permission. Names and details have been changed.

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