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Lots’ of love. Applause and kind-hearted words.

Simon, 46, was dealing with relationship difficulties and stress.

Simon had never had counselling before; however the break-up of his marriage, not being able to see his son as much as he liked, and being in a new relationship all seemed to be getting on top of him. Although he was on anti-depressants, he found himself getting angry at the smallest of things. Having ten sessions of counselling with Jeraline, helped him to identify and steer clear of his anger triggers; discuss and let go of the root cause of his anger, learn how to relax and communicate his feelings in a healthy way.  This had a beneficial effect on his job and new relationship. Listen to an actor, retell what he gained from his sessions.

signs of depression in women
Erin, 32

Erin, had sessions with her counsellor to talk about her mother, who was critically ill.

“You have given me the tools to help myself. I will forever be in awe of your big heart, your intelligence, your intuition, your compassion. You are such an important example to me of radical, self-love, ‘discipline and discernment' (possibly my favourite take-away from our sessions) and what happens when you find your purpose. Thank you for leading me back to myself. With love.”

how to build self esteem
Mark, 46
Stress & Anxiety

Mark's fast paced, demanding job, was leaving him stressed out and anxious.


“If I don’t have time in the week to think about myself, I find myself repeating the same old patterns. The sessions provide me with an opportunity to have a space to uncover what specific issues are affecting me, whilst having a listening ear that supports me to find the answers within myself to solve the problem”.

how to deal with grief
Mary, 41

After losing her husband, Mary spoke to one of our counsellors about her grief.

“I have never had counselling before, but was happy to give it a try; anything that can help me with my situation, I was happy to give a go, and I am glad I did. I have started to make plans for myself, getting out much more than I used to - I am much happier now”.

how to heal a broken heart
Nula, 47 
Relationship Anxiety

Nula didn't realise how her childhood grief was linked to her breakup.

“I definitely know my worth and love myself more than I have ever done.  I have started to set boundaries and listen to my instincts, as they are always right! I suppressed my feelings in the past, but now I have become more open and true to myself".

depression symptoms in men
Daniel, 46
Feeling Low

Daniel was feeling down, 8 months after separating from his wife of 15 years.​ He needed to talk.

“I have started to feel again. The problem with numbing pain is that you also numb all the other senses, including joy. These days, I also understand my triggers in particular situations, and stay vigilant against reacting thoughtlessly to people and situations”.

how to improve self esteem
Emma, 33
Lacking Confidence

Having been bullied at work, Emma had lost her confidence and felt insecure. 

“To begin with, I was very nervous; a bit apprehensive, but after sitting down and Jeraline welcomed me in, I was glad that I made that phone call. Over the next few weeks, my confidence grew. I became less stressed and more relaxed. Thank you”.

how to save a relationship
Fran, 41
Childhood Issues

Fran sabotaged herself;  being an only child, she was expected to be perfect. 

“I’ve gained more control of my life, and can now reason with myself when dealing with my emotions. This has resulted in my being more objective; confident in my decision making, what I have to  say and my ideas”.

how to deal with a broken heart
Aniya, 35
Relationship Help

Unsure about the future of her marriage, Aniya wanted to talk about her feelings.

“My counsellor helped me to realise that how I felt wasn’t abnormal, and was a human response to the issues that I was working through. I was allowed to express my feelings in a safe environment, leading to my acknowledging subtle changes in my outlook on life”.

how to save my marriage
Chris, 34

Managing a new team and problems with his girlfriend, led Chris to contact us. 

“Overall the benefits have been invaluable. I really believe in myself now instead of trying to please other people, and worrying about what they think. It feels good that I am now able to release all the weight off of my shoulders”.

* These testimonies, have kindly been shared with our clients’ permission. Names and details have been changed.

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