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Let’s Mesh Psychotherapy, Confidence Strategies & Fashion!

Now this is where your relationship anxiety psychotherapy sessions become even more unique.

In Part 2 of your sessions with me, this is where we mesh psychotherapy, confidence building strategies, and fashion together into what I call ‘Wardrobe Sessions’.

As a professional stylist, who is also a psychotherapist, I know you can further therapeutically transform the way you feel about yourself through your personal style.

When you hold onto stuff in your wardrobe that is keeping you imprisoned, you will learn through your sessions with me how to pick clothes and accessories which will propel you into your future.  

Whilst your self-esteem is being re-built in Part 1  (click here), at the same time we will in Part 2 escalate your new love of yourself by throwing away clothes you no longer need.



You need to get things out of your wardrobe which remind you of that relationship, the unhappy time in your life; when you had an unhealthy mindset or was fixated on being thin.

Do you understand the weight of these clothes and how useless it is to have them remain in your life?

The psychotherapy and wardrobe sessions will be performed simultaneously in each of your sessions.


TTML Psychotherapy (for the inner you) + 

Image Consultancy (for the outer you) = 

 Holistic Therapy Sessions

How Does Anxiety Relate To Your Style?

Does this sound like you?


You’re getting dressed to go to work, or on a date and the critical voice in your head starts to say, “You look fat in that! You can’t wear that colour. You look awful! Just cover up. He or she doesn’t fancy you. Cancel the date and watch Netflix!”


Nearly all the women I have worked with for over the last sixteen years as a psychotherapist have not only had relationship anxiety, but are also concerned about their bodily appearance.

They don’t feel they can or deserve to dress in the way they really want to, due to body image issues and a critical inner voice.  Ultimately, it all boils down to low self-esteem.

Part 2 in your relationship anxiety psychotherapy sessions is a personal stylist, image consultant, and psychotherapist rolled into one.


My aim is to help build your self-esteem, so you can let go of anxiety, quiet the critical voice, and  start to dress in a way that makes you stand out and be the best version of you.  How I do this is listed in the four steps below:


1| Why do You Need Wardrobe Sessions In Your Life?

Your low self- esteem and relationship anxiety is leading you to:

  • Blame your weight or looks for the change in your partner’s behaviour, or for not being in a relationship at all.

  • Hear the critical voice when looking in the mirror; you just see flaws and don’t know what to wear.

  • Dress to hide from the world or to look older, even though you have great clothes that still have the tag.

  • Buy too many clothes, but (end up) throwing them in a room, not even bothering to wear them as they don’t fill the hole inside

  • Feel confused when you try to pick out outfits, you don’t feel good about yourself or your style.

2| How Do We Mesh Part 1 With Part 2?

As we are working on your relationship anxiety through psychotherapy in part 1, we will also:

  • ​Identify your personal style; where you are now and where you want to be.

  • You will learn how to adopt clothing that feels right for you and projects positivity.

  • We will look at your make-up choices, hair style etc., and how to get the right look for you.

  • Let’s meet the’ real’ you; I will share the various stylist tools and strategies that will support you to dress from a place of authenticity.

  • We will look at what has impacted on your confidence i.e. who has hurt or continues to hurt your self-esteem, and how to make massive changes, so you can develop the self-belief you desire.

3| How Will Wardrobe Sessions Help You & Your Confidence

  • As you grow as a person, your relationships will change, and so will your style.


  • You can wake up in the morning and feel good about your wardrobe, knowing what to wear and the messages you are sending out to others.

  • You will know your body shape, the colours which make you pop, the cuts, textures and make- up that makes you feel great and look good.

  • You can stand in your power, communicate authentically, and have the love for yourself on the inside reflected on the outside, so you can have a meaningful relationship with a partner.

  • You feel better about yourself and your relationships. The insecurity is disappearing; the toxic critical voice is quietened, replaced with a confident, self-assured and loving voice. It encourages you to look your best, be happy, and feel at ease.


Next Step


  • The first step to begin your journey to healthier self-esteem and better relationships is to attend an initial session.

  • The initial assessment will last up to 90 minutes  and the fee is £170.00 (or EUR/USD equivalent).

  • Regardless of what stage you are at in your relationship journey, the assessment is an opportunity for you to have an in-depth conversation with me to discuss what has caused your relationship anxiety, how it impacts on your life, we will also analyse your personal style, and identify strategies to move forward so you can feel good about yourself and your relationships. 

  • You may then choose to have Relationship Anxiety Psychotherapy with me.​​​


The package breakdown:

  • 3 months (12 x 60 minute) bespoke relationship anxiety psychotherapy  and wardrobe sessions over 12 weeks.

  • Email support between sessions.

  • Style analysis.

  • Wardrobe analysis.

  • Personalised style report.

  • Payment in one installment or three installments.


Video Package| Value: 1 payment of  £1500 or 3  payments of £500.

Video Package| Without Wardrobe Sessions | Value: 1 payment of £1320 or 3 payments of £440.

One-On-One In Person Package| Harley Street, Covent Garden or Clapham: Fee discussed in the initial assessment.

Let’s talk about two things you can do right now to start taking control of the ‘situation’ and feel more confident.

Why not have a free 25 minute Moving Forward Session with me, where you can walk away with two simple strategies to help you gain clarity on ‘your’ relationship anxiety and start rebuilding your self-esteem?


Want this? Email me here to find out more.

Session offered to over 18’s only.


Want to be supported by other women? I run a 12-week course of group therapy in Wimbledon. Find out more information here.

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