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 Inner Child Therapy Program

Childhood problems concept. Young mother comforting her sad offended daughter after quarre

You might be feeling an unexplainable and persistent sense of confusion, fear, withdrawal, and unhappiness. 

These feelings might show up in your professional or personal life, affecting your self-esteem, work and relationships.

Maybe you get really attached to others, even accepting abuse or harmful behavior from them.  Or, you might emotionally check out when things feel too intimate, or there is conflict. 

When it comes to romance, you might find it really challenging to be vulnerable,  to meet someone who wants to commit to your or maybe, you’ve figured it’s safer to find someone you can easily control.

Your suffering might remind you of your childhood and how you were treated by your parents or primary caregiver - the way they hurt each other, or you.  You may remember being hit, shouted at, ignored, insulted, or watching parents fight through addictions. Or maybe, home was your safe place, but the area you grew up in, required you to be hard and emotionless outside of the family home. 

You’re realising that what you always wanted was to feel loved, connected, and safe.  

Perhaps, if you have your own children, you're committed to giving them the kind of safety and unconditional love you never recieved. 

You might still be trying to rebuild or repair your relationship with your own parents, to no avail - they still aren’t giving you want you long for.

So, you distract yourself as best you can from the hurt… but the impact it’s having on so many aspects of your life is unavoidable. 

Things have to change. 

What you feel is 100% real and valid, and many adults deal with similar things.

Wine at the Park

If your childhood was hurtful in one or more ways, you've likely tried many things to forget.

You’ve probably even tried to forgive, ignore, move on, put the past in the past.  But the impact the arguments, abuse, criticism, and neglect you endured are still impacting you today.

You may have turned to food, sex, religion, fitness, or any number of things to try to cover over what you’re experiencing.

You’ve probably read books, meditated, gone to therapy, focused on your career, and maybe even started your own family in hopes that something will make the sadness and fear go away.  But this hasn’t worked.

Your romantic relationships aren’t a safe space, because they tend to elicit all your childhood stuff, even though they don’t mean to.  Having that stuff in your current relationship feels messy, and relationships are already hard enough.

You want to learn to love yourself, and how to really receive the kind of love you crave, but you don’t really know how to start, let alone changing things long-term.

Why haven’t your efforts to get over this stuff worked?  Why are you still suffering from things that happened so long ago?

There's one core reason that what you've

tried hasn't worked.

The reason is because none of the things you’ve tried have actually healed the inner child part of you that went through all that trauma and abuse. 


The child in you - the part of you that experienced all of that - still feels and lives the pain of your past every day of your adult life.

Even if you’ve thought about your childhood, and can rationalise your way through what you experienced, what you likely haven’t been able to do is consciously experience your inner child as a part of you that is present with you in the here and now. 

All the things you’ve done up until this point have been coping strategies, not healing strategies.  They’ve helped you avoid or minimise the pain, but doing so hasn’t helped you heal the pain. 

What you’ve done so far has kept the full and complete YOU from being expressed - the you that comes from an adult who’s inner child has healed from the pain, and trauma; the you that comes from an inner child who has learned to be carefree and truly alive, who is loved unconditionally, fulfilled, and energetic, who can guide you into happiness and wholeness as an adult.

It’s the child in you who was neglected, hurt, and suffered trauma that is causing you to face the anxiety, confusion, anger, negative thoughts, and unhappiness today. 

As long as your inner child is denied and left unhealed, your present experience will be a diminished, false version of yourself. 

So then, what can you do to heal your inner child and start to recover from your childhood trauma?

Mother and Child

There are three core principles of support necessary and fundamental to break free of the suffering you experience today, because of the suffering you experienced as a child. 


Three core principles so you can feel more authentic, in control, and present in your life as an adult with healthy relationships:

  1. Love and patience.

  2. Safety.

  3. Self-Reparenting.

Let's take these one at a time. 

Love & Patience

Your inner child is hurt, and needs tremendous love and patience from you - the kind of love and patience that you never got from your parents or primary caregiver.  This is your opportunity to learn how to provide that for yourself. 

Learning how to bring unconditional love to your inner children will help you attune to them. 


Your patience will help to build trust with your inner children, so they can reveal their needs for healing.


Learning how to bring this kind of love and patience to your inner children gives you the keys to express these things to your adult self every day.


Because your childhood environment wasn’t safe in various ways, it’s vital that you create an environment of safety with you today.  Safety is required for the inner child part of you to open up, be vulnerable, to share what is needed, and guide you towards healing.

This safety isn’t dependent upon anyone else - only you.


As you learn how to create this safe environment, it will open up entirely new worlds of possibility for you. 


This is big work - it’s revolutionary to feel safe within, to be able to trust yourself entirely, to be confident in your abilities, to understand how to set healthy boundaries, and live into your values - so the real you can be re-birthed!


Once you have a loving, trusted, safe relationship with your inner child, you have the opportunity to discover your inner parent.  This is where you become the loving, healthy, strong, kind, attentive parent who responds generously to the needs at hand.  This is where you learn to support the inner child part of you in remaining safe, happy, and healed.


Learning to reparent yourself is wildly important. 


It’s from this skill that you develop a healthy relationship with yourself - where the true, authentic you can become fully expressed - the you who is happy, fearless, aligned, and understands how to do healthy relationships and live your best life.

Applying these three core principles effectively requires specific guidance, support, and hand-holding along the way.

I can assist you in meeting, learning about, and loving your inner child. 


I can support you in learning how to connect with your inner child, listen, work through past pain, understand needs, what it needs to feel loved,  nurtured, and protected.


And, I can support you in learning how to re-integrate a healthy inner child into your every day adult life so you can be who you know you’re meant to be. 

I am happy to introduce you to:

Reconnect: Inner Child Therapy Program™ For Adults 

Father and Son

A thirteen month journey to transform the way you feel about yourself, love, intimacy and relationships.

This is a one-on-one 14 month program to support you connect, heal and live by the guidance of your inner child and inner parent. 

In this program, you will be supported to get in touch with those things that are hidden under your ‘grown-up’ personae, so you can recover from childhood wounds and become whole.

You will be supported to let go of any limiting beliefs, negative relationship scripts, trauma in your childhood, feelings of powerlessness, and low self-esteem that are blocking you from having the self-love, relationships and life you dream of. 

Through this program you will end up being able to skillfully:


  • Know who you ‘really’ are and love that person.

  • Have a relationship fostered in unconditional consistent love, respect and safety with your adult self and inner child.

  • Figure out your boundaries and values and how to articulate these clearly and assertively so you are looking after yourself and your inner child regardless of the situation you are in.

  • Understand what genuine intimacy is as you know your authentic self and can identify which people are healthy/not healthy for you and your inner child to be around.

  • Feel ‘wholeness’  and know your purpose as you listen to yourself.

  • Experience emotional and physical well-being as you are attuned to your body and inner-self.

Here are somethings the training, psychotherapy and coaching with me will reveal to you:

  • How to talk to your inner child and be guided by it.

  • Identify who hurt you, when and why.

  • How to deal with and learn from the pain of the past so it no longer sabotages your present life.

  • The relationships you have in your life past/present that mirror your painful childhood relationships.

  • Why you have stopped your inner child from coming out, talking to you and saving you from harmful situations.

  • Why you don’t want to be vulnerable in your relationships and may close-down or become anxious with your partner.

  • What your inner child looks and sounds like.​

  • The key parents the inner child needs and how to activate them so it can get the love it always wanted.

  • When it isn’t appropriate for the inner child to appear in your daily life.

  • How to use the honesty and ‘realness’ of your inner child to guide you in relationships, work situations, etc.

  • How to change your self-image so you are being your authentic self.

  • Identify your conflict style and others, and  how to develop language skills to articulate your needs clear. articulate clearly what you need to create win-win scenarios in your relationships.

  • What your personal beliefs are and how you now want to be treated.

  • How to no longer feel alone, lonely and isolated even if you have lots of friends or a family of your own.

  • Discover the shadow aspects of yourself and embrace them to create wholeness. 

The Reconnect Inner Child Therapy Program™ will help you to:

  • Forgive yourself  and encourage you to change any unhealthy behaviours you had in the past which you used to get love and play themselves out in your current relationship.

  • Forgive the people in your past who hurt you, but not to collude with their unhealthy behaviour  towards you if you are still in relationship with them.

  • Set boundaries so you do not allow yourself to be manipulated or abused.

  • Identify your personal values and what’s important to you and the qualities you want reflected in the people around you.

  • Reclaim your childlike feelings of wonderment, aliveness, creativity and innocent fun.

  • Experience real unconditional love, that will be present with you for the rest of your life.

  • Reset your life and begin anew as your inner child is being parented in a loving, supportive, consistent way, which helps the adult in you feel confident, secure and grounded.

  • Feel more connected to your partner (if they are supportive of you changing), as you are no longer projecting your childhood issues onto them or parenting them.  You are seeing them as a healthy equal, who has autonomy and a right to their own opinions, who can look after themselves just like you can.

  • Be a healthy adult who genuinely loves him/herself/their self. 

  • Create win-win relationships and situations based on equality and respect.

  • See your parents as real people who may be ‘flawed’ and know how to interact with them so you are not triggered, defensive, or acting inauthentic.

  • Know what people you do or don’t want in your life anymore, as they can’t deal with you being healthy.

  • Listen to your inner-child and trust what they say about people or situations and follow through on the guidance they give you.

  • Become a better parent, even if you already have children, as you will learn how to parent yourself beautifully and healthily.

What Others Have Experienced?

Clients came to me with a shattered inner child. They were struggling with an inner critic and saboteur that was determined to crush their self-esteem and ruin their relationships. This is when I discovered the concept of inner-child work and started exploring it for myself.


I soon realized how painful but insightful and liberating it could be. I wanted to help my clients escape from the grip of their inner critic because I could see how it had beaten them down, leaving them terrified, untrusting, and angry. This anger often spilled over into their friendships and romantic relationships. But at the root of it all, they were really angry at themselves for putting themselves down or saying 'yes' to things they didn't want to do.


We all have an inner family life, that is a reflection of what we experienced from our outer family life.  How/ were you were raised and the role modelling you got from parents,  can lead you to not like yourself, have  boundary issues and  problematic relationships. 

Inner-child work is about reconstructing the inner models of family that were not necessarily healthy or compassionate for the child. I have developed session through The Reconnect Inner Child Therapy Program™ using sound therapy, crystals and talking therapies, to help your inner child and inner parent rebuild a healthier model of family. The sessions will support you to work on your mind, body and spirit so you can get the attention, peace, value, love, safety and care you wanted to experience as a child. 

Past clients of The Reconnect Therapy Program™ say they feel more connected and loving to themselves and their spouses. 


They have healthier relationships with others, including their parents, and are now skilled in setting and honouring boundaries so they’re not taken advantage of in any situation.

They say that their life has been transformed through this curriculum of training, psychotherapy, self-parenting and childhood trauma therapy.


They report that they know what they need to do for themselves and their inner child to be happy and fulfilled.

Portrait of a beautiful smiling middle-aged woman with red hair wearing glasses on a cloud

Nina, Married & Mother 

I was so sad for many years and I didn't know I was sad. I was so faint, not taking up any space in the marriage or in my world, I had no idea I was like this. I think more of myself now, I really value myself, I feel that I deserve certain things, my view of myself has totally changed. The views, including those of my parents are irrelevant now. The biggest thing is I respect myself and know I deserve certain things. 

You Are Invited to Start Your Own Work.

I invite you to open up to this work.  You know that this stuff isn’t going away, no matter how much you try to push it away or distract yourself. 

Allow yourself the opportunity to finally heal the source of what’s been keeping you stuck and unfulfilled. 


Your inner child simply needs love, safety, and reparenting.  Once you know how to do this… everything will change for you.

I invite you to step into The Reconnect Inner Child Therapy Program™  it will transform you for the better.

Couple Taking a Selfie


I have  developed a system to help you address relationship issues, unhealthy emotions, and traumas that may be rooted in your inner child.


The program includes relationship psychotherapy,  trauma therapy, sound therapy, energy therapy, crystal healing to address inner child work and start you on the journey to release the trauma you experienced in your early life from your mind, body and spirit. We also explore your relationship scripts, reparenting therapy, boundaries, values, intimacy and conflict management training. 

Below is a summary of just some of the things we will cover in your weekly 60 - 70 minute session online over our thirteen months of working together. In these 58 sessions, depending on what you present that week, we will sometimes be covering more than two themes per session, i.e. inner child in addition to boundaries and relationship scripts. 


Inner child psychotherapy which includes:

  • Sessions to meet your inner child.

  • 1-to-1 coaching to love, support and listen to your inner child so it feels safe.

  • Reflection sessions on what the child tells us and how to integrate this into your life.


  • Sessions to meet your inner parent.

  • 1-to-1 coaching to love, support and listen to your parent so your inner child feels safe.

  • 1-to-1 Re-parenting your child coaching so you know how to look after yourself in any given situation.

  • Reflection sessions on what the parents tells us and how to integrate this into your life.

Self-Reparenting Therapy which includes:

Relationship Psychotherapy which includes:

  • Sessions to understand how your key relationships with your primary caretakers and family impacts on your relationships in the present day and how to let go of toxic unconscious behaviours.

  • A safe and impartial space to discuss what's going on presently in your life and how it relates to your inner child. We will also explore what's wounded you and made you voiceless in specific situations.

  • Understanding your relationship scripts, and why these may be causing you difficulties and how to become healthier in relationships. 

  • We will also bring to  light your attachment style and how to become more secure.  

Trauma Therapy which includes:

  • Sessions to understand and work through your past trauma so you can start to feel more stable in your adult life. 

  • An safe space to deal with the loss of your childhood, so you can let go of your trauma and create a new sense of who you authentically are.

Therapy for self-esteem which includes:

  • We will explore those things that impact on your self-esteem and ability to be assertive in your relationships.

Training courses & Coaching:

  • 1-to-1 training in boundaries, we will also identify your boundaries, language these boundaries and you will be coached to set your boundaries in real life situations.

  • 1-to-1 training in values, we will also discover your values and identify who you really want to be. 


  • ​1-to-1 relationship coaching so you can have a better relationship with yourself, understand the dynamics in your friendships, romantic and, familial relationships, improve your communication skills and feel more connected to your partner.

  • 1-to-1 coaching in conflict management and how to manage this in your relationships and understand how your partner does conflict.


  • 1-to-1 sound therapy and sound baths, includes the use of singing bowls, shamanic drumming, and other  instruments to help you feel at peace and release trauma from the body and cells that cannot be addressed through words alone.

  • With energy medicine, we can remove blockages, dis-ease and trauma in your body, which opens up your heart to love, increases mental clarity, and gives you more vitality and energy.


  • We will use crystal healing to help you be your true self, adopt new positive habits and feel calm. This therapy will subtly support you to attract more abundance, speak kinder to yourself and become more confident. As the crystals work with both your inner-child and inner parent, ensuring that your changes come from a place of love and are realistic.

  • Shadow Work Therapy, to work with  your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of your personality you try to hide and repress, but leak into your relationships with others and yourself. By bringing these aspects into light, you have more power.


  • The Reconnect Inner Child Therapy Program™  Toolkit, which contains all the physical material you will need for this program (available to UK clients only).


This program requires a serious commitment and intensive effort from you. It demands love, kindness, and patience as you work deeply to give a voice to the neglected, rejected, shamed, abandoned, and criticized child within you. This child doesn't trust anyone, including you



The program will help adults understand how to gain their inner child's trust and build healthy relationships with everyone in their world.

To experience safety, freedom, joy, peace, and unconditional love, it's time to nurture your inner child and practice forgiveness towards yourself. So you can truly thrive. 

It's time to live happily in the present without your past sabotaging you.


Inner Child Therapy

£140.00 per session

Different payment options available.

For individuals. 


Kim, Banking, Trust Issues In Marriage

This inner child therapy  with Jeraline is not a talking therapy. It's a journey of questioning and guidance that I couldn't have done just by talking. This therapy is transformational. Other therapy allowed me to offload and not do anything deeper. I feel like the person I would have been if I had healthy parents and a safe home. I have changed the direction of my life, my child's life and possibly the relationship I am in. 

I'm looking forward to working alongside you.  Love + kindness.  Jeraline

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